EasyRetail caters to the various scenarios of Small and Medium Retail Enterprise business operations, while providing an un-interrupted customer service.

The flexibility in the architecture of the EasyRetail ERP product, with its browser based user interface for Back-Office (BOS) and a desktop based user interface for the Point-of-Sale (POS) activities, helps the Retail owner make timely decisions.

Technology used in EasyRetail ensures platform independence. The architecture enables storage of POS data either locally on the POS machine or centrally at the Server and synchronization process ensures the consolidation and availability of the data.

Construction Tiger

Construction Tiger is a web-based application suite for the SME civil construction industry. It helps the construction stakeholders in managing the entire gamut of construction activities with ease. These activities can range from, but not limited to, estimating the cost and volume of materials to planning and tracking of all tasks to generating reports for different materials and man-power used in a project.